This nice little story begins on the banks of the river Isar in Munich, where one Saturday Tina Decker and Matthias Müller were sitting, thinking about what to do. But it was the morning after a particularly rowdy birthday party, and for all their efforts, all they could think about was the lingering pain between their ears. And as they sat there, both of their heads throbbing, they started to wish they had some way to relieve the pain – some kind of remedy.

The two friends couldn’t stop thinking about this idea, so they decided to put all their efforts into developing a product that might be able to prevent this nasty beast – also called a hangover – from rearing its ugly head.

A buddy of theirs, Dr. Cihad, a pharmacist by trade, took a great interest in this idea, deciding to use his knowledge and expertise to support the project. What had started on a whim quickly became serious business, and SUPERDRINK was born!

Their vision was of a holistic product that tastes good, actually works, and has a positive story to tell. And in the next chapter of the story, it was no longer just about curing hangovers, but also about caring for the overall well-being of consumers.

This is how the SUPERDRINK philosophy came about: revel in happiness, celebrate having fun and taking it easy, and do it in a way that’s natural, healthy, full of life, full of passion, and with people who know how to make you laugh.

It’s been some time since then, and that one idea led to the creation of two drinks that take your all-inclusive SUPER vacation from the hustle and bustle of everyday and pack it into a bottle in liquid form – the twin functional beverages TAKE IT EASY and KEEP ON MOVING.

It’s a story that’s far from over.